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The Body-Mind-Spirit Conference & Live Healthy Expo are two events that come together each year at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Although each event has a separate focus, they go hand-in-hand to educate and inspire.

Body-Mind-Spirit Conference

The conference was created in 2001 as a forum to educate teachers, studio & club owners and bring the Mind-Body community together. Each year new schools of thought and innovators of equipment come together to share and educate teachers & students from around the world. The conference has attendees that travel from over 50 countries world-wide.

Our mission is to bring together every educational organization & equipment company to include all styles and innovators in the Mind-Body field of education. The attendee experience is created as an educational sampling of all schools and an experiential test of all types of equipment. It is an experience like none other because it includes everyone involved in the fields of Pilates, Gyrotonic®, Feldenkrais, Franklin Method, Yamuna Body Rolling and other forms of Mind-Body movement. This is an unparalleled educational experience.

Live Healthy Expo

As the conference progressed through the years, so did the expo hall. In the year 2008 we added a consumer focus to the event and invited the local community to find out more about Mind-Body fitness and a how to live a healthier lifestyle.

The mission of the Expo is to connect people who are interested in making a positive difference both in their lives and in their communities. We bring together local and national natural product companies, alternative practitioners, chiropractors, health food retailers and community non-profit organizations showcasing information about their products and services to thousands of individuals interested in leading a healthy lifestyle.

The Live Healthy Expo is a health & wellness event for the entire family. In just one exciting weekend, attendees will learn first hand about an alternative approach to health and wellness, get nutritional guidance, watch interactive Yoga, Pilates and fitness demonstrations, learn how to save energy and green your environment, watch healthy cooking demonstrations, listen to lectures from industry health and wellness experts, sample great food, get free massages and go home with tons of free product samples.

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