Body Mind Spirit Webinar Series

The Webinar Series is a selection of 21 workshops & classes that are filmed during the conference and then broadcast for 30 days of unlimited viewing.  This is a great opportunity to attend the conference without the cost of travel or being absent from your business! 

Webinar FAQs

1. The workshops were filmed live at the conference (April 14 - 18, 2010) and you can watch them from the comfort of your home or office.

2. You get 30 days of unlimited viewing. You can watch them as many times as you like!

3. Can more than one person watch the webinars? YES! If you want to register on your office computer and let your studio instructors watch together - it's perfectly o.k.!

4. Are there CECs included? No unfortunately there is no way to know if you really attended the workshop so we can't include credits.

Listed below are faculty bios (click on name) and workshops descriptions  that are included in the webinar series. Please send questions to: questions@bodymindexpo.com


Register For All Classes: $495 

Register for 10 Webinars: $350

Register for 5 Webinars: $250

Cecile LeMoine-Bankston

Morning Mat Class
Wake up your body with this invigorating morning workout that will prepare your body for the rest of the day. A combination of both traditional and new exercises with a sequence tailor made for the morning, this class is the perfect way to begin the day.

Madeline Black

Balance Workshop: Pilates Repertoire that Challenges Balance
Balance is an important aspect of physical training at any age or ability. In this workshop, we will challenge our balance with Pilates repertoire on the Wunda Chair and Reformers. Madeline Black will lecture on function of balance in every day life, how it enhances performance and the importance of maintaining a sense of balance. She will run you through repertoire from simple exercises to increased intensity.

Sherri Betz

Osteoporosis 101
Learn the basics of working with clients with osteoporosis or osteopenia. 1 out of ever 2 women and 1 of 4 men over age 50 have low bone density and are at risk for fracture! Discover the red flags for identifying clients with bone loss, contraindicated exercises and the best exercises to stimulate the bones of the spine and hip!

Mary Bowen

Pilates Plus Psyche (Learn to understand yourself and your clients better)
Joseph Pilates addressed the whole body in each exercise. I have added to whole psyche, conscious and unconscious, to the whole body. Hence Pilates Plus Psyche. This workshop can help you to diagnose, deepen and challenge yourself and your client to deeper levels of work. It extends Pilates work to engagement with the unconscious by using Jungian typology, learning our psyche’s structure. Mary will teach the principles of Jungian typology with the tool of graphics. Figuring out our own type and our individual client’s type can give us a blueprint to determine which teaching approach is best and how to understand why we might be having a problem with a client (and vice versa), with staff or with another teacher. 

Remember To Yawn
The goal is natural involuntary breathing. We need to watch the animals and learn from them. Mary will introduce attitudes and exercises for connecting with the animal in ourselves to help to unlock manifold tensions around breathing. Sound will be used as an “unlocker” of the breath. Some discussion will happen around the role of our unconscious in breathing … letting go. How does one let go? This is a huge subject which needs to and will be addressed in taking up breathing. The Yawn is your best hope. 

Lifelong Pilates & The Body Part I
1) Less Effort/More Release and How Aging can improve your Pilates practice: Mary will describe with demonstration her own evolution over 50 years of practicing Pilates, from the over-eagerness of youth to the mellowness which comes in one’s 70’s. Ego is no longer at stake and a greater partnership with the body and respect for what body can teach us emerges. 

2) Less Performance/More Experience: There will be discussion and demonstration of the difference between directing the performance of Pilates exercises and experiencing them, with many examples of both. The goal here is less mind control and more listening to and watching the body, especially the spine’s, capacity for leadership. 

3) More Spine/Less Mind: Introduction of new spinal release exercises using the cadillac as a starting point to experience pure release. Mary will demonstrate how it is not necessary to shrink with aging. Rather if one is motivated to discover and allow spinal release, it is possible to elongate. Just like the cat. Mary will teach the use of springs in various new exercises using the cadillac in order to facilitate an experience of spinal release for those who cannot let go enough to find it for themselves. 

Lifelong Pilates & The Body Part II
1) Breathing: Animal Plus Human – The Yawn, its Enormous Importance: The goal is natural involuntary breathing. Mary will introduce attitudes and exercises for connecting with the animal in ourselves to help to unlock manifold tensions around breathing. Sound will be used as an “unlocker” of the breath. Some discussion will happen around the role of our unconscious in breathing. Letting go. How does one let go? A huge subject which needs to and will be addressed in taking up breathing. The Yawn is your best hope. 2) Chronic Tension Patterns in the Body: As breathing is customarily blocked by tension, so is a natural experience of our bodies. Tensions from head to toe - how to propriocept them, focus on them and learn new ways to release them. 3) The Most Common Pelvic Imbalance: Mary will discuss and demonstrate the most common pelvic imbalances, a variety of reasons as to why it is so and exercises we can learn to do to correct it in order to prevent and avoid pain later in life from pelvic misalignment.

What's Going On With Your Pelvic Alignment
If there is time Mary will discuss and demonstrate this most common pelvic imbalance, a variety of reasons as to why it is so and exercises we can learn to do to correct it in order to prevent and avoid pain later in life from pelvic misalignment.


Kristi Cooper-White

BASI PILATES™ Advanced Mat Class


Kathy Corey

Reformer Flow Challenge
Challenge your balance, strength and flexibility through the whole body movement patterns on the reformer. This class approaches the Reformer work as it integrates into our daily activities from standing to sitting at a desk, to moving through our daily tasks. With 30 years of Pilates teaching experience and extensive knowledge of the Reformer repertoire, Kathy Corey Presents a program that is innovative, exploratory and informative.

Functional Training for the Spine - Spine Correctors Asymmetrical Patterning
This course addresses spinal imbalances from functional to structural and teaches how to assess core misalignments. Flexion, extension, side bending and rotational movements are explored with breath work to correctly balance core movements. This class helps you to develop an understanding of dynamic alignment and asymmetrical patterning to functionally re-train core and spinal muscles. The Spine Corrector provides the essential support to maximize dimensional rotation of the spine through its varied ranges of motion.


Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt

Pilates Standing Exercises Experience
Pilates in a completely different plane! This complete standing Pilates workout, incorporates many of Joseph Pilates’ original standing exercises. You will experience the importance of posture and alignment as it relates to standing and the principles and philosophy of the Pilates method. The exercises in this workout can stand-alone, or are easily incorporated into any private session or group class. Stand up to the challenge!


Rings, Balls, Bands and More!
Props! We all love them. They are the silent instructor that teaches the body directly. In this workshop, we will cover the functionality of many of the most often used Pilates props. We will look at the function, benefits and challenges of introducing and using these props in a private session or group class

Michael King

Flow-Evolved Pilates Choreography
As all elements of our lives continually change we should also change how we challenge what we do. Come explore the possibilities with this workshop of taking the Pilates Principles and variations of the original moves to new choreographic variations. Learn to reach the ultimate goal of improving people’s posture by challenging them off the mat in standing variations.

Exploring Spirals in Pilates
Michael brings this new fun program which is a combination of dance based movements and stretching. The movements are designed to use focus of the upper body both for mobility and stability work. Combinations are taught to specific choreographed musical tracks, which helps motivate the class into working towards a longer leaner and more flexible body.

Viveca Jensen

Piloxing Class
This one-hour workout is a dynamic mix between Pilates & Boxing and guaranteed to whip you into shape.

Kathleen Maier

Bender Ball Selected Stabilization
This is a hot program for all types of trainers utilizing the all new Bender Ball. Learn how to activate the deep core muscles that will lead to selected stabilization. You will lean great new core exercises that can be used either in personal training or group ex classes. Traditional crunches on the floor can lead to back and hip problems. You will learn that by using the Bender ball is 408% more effective for core training. 

1) You will learn effective standing core stabilization to challenge all levels of your students; 

2) You will learn floor core exercises that activate the necessary muscle groups for the most efficient abdominal workout ever; and 

3) You will understand the importance of corrective stabilization before mobilization will protect the spine and create safer movement patterns for all other forms of exercise.

Bender Ball Healthy Back
We live in a society of flexion with sitting at computers to driving our cars on a long term basis. Our lower back muscles become weak and leading to back pain. Learn specific exercises to address specific postural issues. You will learn the difference in postural deviations and how to apply appropriate training techniques to improve your client’s posture thus ultimately leading to less back pain. 1) Learn how to detect postural problems and exercises that actually make them worse; 2) Learn how to detect the weaker muscle groups and how they are overpowered by the stronger ones that potentially cause problems; and 3) Learn specific exercises for the Para-spinal muscles.tight ultimately

Allan Menezes

It's All About The CORE
What is the core? How do we use it effectively? Why is it more important than ‘navel to spine’? Allan Menezes will cover all these aspects and explain how to connect your core more effectively than current techniques. He will also cover why Neutral spine is not effective for exercising in supine!! And why Menezes position will change the way you work your core.

Veronica Ponieman

Wunda Chair for Pregnancy & Older Adults
In this workshop Veronica will present a very "hands on" way we can work with special populations on the Wunda Chair and the challenges and modifications that are needs for these groups. Focusing on breathing, mobility and stability work in the stages of pregnancy and also the adaptations that are needed with some of the issues in the ageing process.

Jonathan Urla

Pilates Synergy Flow
This unique class blends dance, high-intensity Pilates matwork with props, and standing resistance exercises for a full cardio and body sculpting workout! Designed by Yogilates creator Jonathan Urla, this innovative routine charges the metabolism with a mix of dance, body strengthening and lengthening, along with core stability and dynamic functional moves to improve coordination, balance, and agility. Be ready to sweat in this fun, advanced workout perfect for athletes and serious Pilates devotees.

Yamuna Zake


Yamuna Body Rolling
Yamuna Body Rolling is a whole-being approach to feeling and functioning better in your body: a healing tool that also keeps you in shape. This revolutionary technique uses 6 to 10 inch inflatable balls to strengthen, tone, realign the entire body. This experiential Yamuna Body Rolling workshop will take you through all the muscle chains of your body-working from muscle origin to insertion, systematically unwinding old holding patterns, restrictions, and injuries. Open to all. Fee: $35 or bring your own red ball and pump.


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