What Our Attendees Had To Say

The speakers were phenomenal! Everyone had something new to offer, and presented so well … Over all it was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much. I will be returning. — I. Ahnert, attendee from BC Canada

It was great to come together with colleagues with varied backgrounds in the somatic sciences. Pilates has helped tremendously to bring fitness and wellness together and I support venues that allows mixed professionals to explore learning together. — Stacy Barrows, presenter

Intimacy, small classes, getting to know and spend time with Master Instructors, 1 on 1 offerings and all the free supplemental workshops, classes, demos and informal lunches, WOW! I have attended this Conference since it's inception, and every year I always get recognized and reunited with classmates and fellow instructors. It has always inspired and deepened my love for body, mind and spirit driven exercise and wellness pursuits. My clients appreciate all the new creative ideas I receive from the Conference, and in return it helps them remain motivated and committed to their own health and healing journey, by offering new possibilities and sharing new information. — C. Dagostino, attendee from California

I enjoy the whole aspect of getting away from teaching and meeting deadlines to be able to focus on my own body, to learn more ideas to bring to my clients, and have the evenings to myself--all to myself........... — N. Goodrick, attendee from Kansas

I wanted to let you know I had a wonderful time at BMS.  The small classes worked well even though I know financially it is better to have higher numbers.  — Kathy Corey, presenter

The instructors that I expereienced were wonderful, knowledgeable, well prepared and flexible. Terrific at teaching!! — M. Hatfield, attendee from Califiornia

For me, coming to the conference helps me take care of myself and to look at the work I do in a different way which helps refresh me. — J. Hulett, attendee from Missouri

Most of the presenters were above and beyond what I expected. It was an amazing variety of top professionals in our field and that was exciting! — K. March, attendee from California

I found the content and the quaility of the presenters to be out standing! Next year I will plan to attend with my staff. Definatley very worthwhile! — M. McGovern, attendee from California

Thank you for putting on another Body Mind Spirit event for our community of teachers, students and related businesses.  You were the first to introduce the conference / trade show model to the Pilates world and by doing so, you've introduced a high level of continuing education to new audiences from around the world!  — Kyria Sabin, presenter

The conference exceeded my expectation on several levels and was worth the trip from the East Coast. — L. Wilkinson, attendee from Massachusetts

An immersion in education, training and all things cutting edge in the Pilates and Gyrotonic world. — J. Newman, attendee from California

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Body-Mind-Spirit Conference April 13th - 18th, 2010

The conference was created in 2001 as a forum to educate teachers, studio & club owners and bring the Mind-Body community together. Each year new schools of thought and innovators of equipment come together to share and educate teachers & students from around the world. The conference has attendees that travel from over 50 countries world-wide.  

Our mission is to bring together every educational organization & equipment company to include all styles and innovators in the Mind-Body field of education. The attendee experience is created as an educational sampling of all schools and an experiential test of all types of equipment. It is an experience like none other because it includes everyone involved in the fields of Pilates, Gyrotonic®, Feldenkrais, Franklin Method, Yamuna Body Rolling and other forms of Mind-Body movement. This is an unparalleled educational experience.

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